What’s brewing at Satoshistreetbets?

Moonshot Monday: what’s brewing at Satoshistreetbets?

With Dogecoin and XRP in the crosshairs of Satoshistreetbets, the next contenders for organised pumping action are being discussed on the Reddit forum. Blind spots in the crypto market could become the target.

In the wake of the Wallstreetbets causa, the subreddit’s self-proclaimed „crypto version“ has also stirred up the market with organised pump actions. Dogecoin was the first target of the Satoshistreetbets forum, followed by XRP and BitTorrent (BTT). However, interest in DOGE seems to be Bitcoin Revolution flattening out again. For a week now, the DOGE price has been correcting significantly downwards. So the trading caravan moves on – in search of the next Shillcoin.

Mondays again: Satoshistreetbets pounces on the underdogs

Yesterday, 17 February, a poll ran on Satoshistreetbets that could set the next thrust on the forum. In it, the MOD and founder of the forum „little-eagle“ suggested a regular pump-a-week day. The idea: Every Monday, the trading crowd would pounce on an altcoin. The only condition is a market capitalisation of less than 100 million US dollars.

The idea is that we could make this a weekly thing („Moonshot Monday“) to discuss potential investment opportunities, without memes and low-effort posts crowding out the discussion. The upper limit for discussion would be that only coins with a market capitalisation of less than US$100 million could be submitted.

During these „Moonshot Mondays“, image posts on the forum would be disabled and only text posts would be allowed. This is how the mods want to keep the forum free of memes on these days. In addition, only „thoughtful posts with some analysis would get through“ to avoid a „bunch of crappy ‚Buy Coin XYZ‘ topics“. On the remaining days of the week, „business would continue as normal“.

Moonshot portfolio

The survey has already closed. Around 1,200 participants have voted in favour of the action, with only 98 against. According to the mod, a test pump will be launched later today. If this is successful, there could be regular small erosions on the crypto market on Mondays in the future. A moonshot portfolio with potential candidates has also already been posted.