OKEx CEO explains recent suspension of withdrawals

The CEO of OKEx spoke about fears surrounding the recent suspension of withdrawals on the platform.

Jay Hao apologized to those affected and thanked the users who continue to support OKEx.

The platform will also update its private key management processes and its rewards system.

Jay Hao recently hosted a question-and-answer session to address user concerns about the suspension of OKEx withdrawals.

In October, problems with one of the private key holders of the OKEx exchange forced the platform to halt withdrawals for about five weeks.

In the recent question-and-answer session, Mr. Hao reiterated his apologies for the stress and uncertainty this sudden suspension has caused. He also detailed updates to the platform’s private key management system, as well as a new rewards program for users.

Jay Hao apologizes to users for suspended withdrawals

Last week, Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx, answered questions from platform users during a question-and-answer session on the exchange’s telegraph channel. During the session, Hao reiterated that users‘ property has never been in danger, but apologized for the stress and inconvenience caused by the uncertainty.

As BeInCrypto previously reported, the major exchange halted user withdrawals on October 16. The latter’s holdings remained frozen on the platform until it resumed withdrawals on November 26.

OKEx explained in a previous blog post that one of the platform’s private key holders assisted Chinese authorities in an investigation. The exchange had apparently not considered such incidents as part of its contingency plan.

During the question and answer session, Mr. Hao noted that trading activity naturally declined on the exchange during the five-week suspension. As soon as withdrawals resumed, many users immediately withdrew funds from the exchange:

Despite the clear signs of loss of user confidence, Hao praised the “supportive and loyal” customers who conveyed messages of support.

He also touched on the growing maturity of the wider cryptocurrency market – apparently evidenced by the excellent performance of BTC during this period.

New rewards for users

In order to avoid possible future incidents that would prevent users from accessing their funds, the exchange reportedly updated some of its internal processes. Among these modifications, we find in particular the way in which it generates and saves the private keys as well as the backup of its main private keys.

Mr. Hao also commented on the reports regarding OKEx’s on-chain cash outflows prior to service resumption. He claimed that wallets identified as belonging to the exchange were mislabeled, which led to incorrect reporting of funds leaving the platform.